Cashew phenol popularly know as Cardanol or Card-Phenol manufactured from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).  It is a monohydroxyl phenol having a long hydrocarbon chain (C15H27) in a metaposition. 

The products obtained from CARDANOL have many advantages over these manufactured from other substituted phenols.  It is therefore widely used in the manufacture of surface coating, insulating varnishes, Epoxy and oil soluble resins,  laminates, rubber and wax compounding, pesticides, Foundry, dyes etc.Cardanolpic


 Specific gravity @ 300C  : 0.927 – 0.950

 Viscosity @ 300C (cps)  : 40 – 65

 Iodine value (wjis method)  : 210 -260

 Ash content     : Negotiable

 Volatiles losses incl. moisture  : 2% Max.

 Acid value    : 8% Max.

 Colour     : Gardener, Freshly Distilled  ( 5 to 10 Nos. for Single distilled )

                                         ( 2 to 5 Nos. for Double Distilled, Special Grade)



  • A light pale Brown/yellow liquid manufactured from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
  • Also know as cashew phenol
  • The unique Molecular structure of Cardanol, especially unsaturation of long Hydrocarbon said chain, makes the cross linking easy on Polymerization
  • Besides the side chain imparting hydrophobic nature to the polymer, its coating is water repellent and weather resistant.
  • Cardanol based resins posses an outstanding resistance to softening action of mineral oil and high resistance to acids  alkalies, antimicrobial property termite and insect resistance etc.
  • Contributes to improved flexibility, good drying after banking, high electric insulation properties and thermal stability.
  • Amenability to chemical modification to effect desirable changes so as to get specific properties for making tailor-made polymers of high value, thus the structural changes could be effected at the hydroxyl group, on the aromatic ring and on the side chain.
  • These properties make Cardanol an effective substitute for the petroleum-based phenol.

Used in

    1.  Nevolac & Resol Resins

    2. Oil Soluble Resins

    3. Lamination

    4. Surface coating & paints

    5. Electrical Insulating

    6. Varnishes

    7. Brake lining, clutch facings

    8. Lacquers

    9. Pesticides

    10. Rubber compounding

    11. Adhesives

    12. Wax substitutes

    13. Mineral oil additives

    14. Azo Dyes


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