CNSL Cake  or  CNSL De Oiled Cashew Nut Shell Cake or Cashew Shell Doc is used for Boiler, Heating,Burning, Curing purpose  or  used as Fuel by manufacturing Units.    Cashew Nut Shell Cake Manufactured from Cashew Nut Shells, after removing Cashew Shell Oil from Expeller. 

Cashew Nut Shell Cake will give a very good temperature when heating directly  or  mixing with other Fuels or Fuel substitutes. CNSL Cake is the ideal fuel for high calorie requirements  where high heat requires to be generated and it  gives very Long Shelf life. 

 CNSL Shell Cake or Cashew Shell Doc  is also used for Agricultural, other industrial &  other manufacturing use by Commercial Establishments.

Cashew Nut Shell Cake Specifications: 

Gross Calorific value : 5056 Kcal / kg  Proximate analysis (% by weight)

Moisture :8.85

Volatile matter :68.03

Ash :2.00

Fixed Carbon :21.12

Ultimate Analysis

Carbon :46.08

Hydrogen :3.88

Nitrogen :0.21

Sulphur :NIL

Moisture :8.85

Ash :2.00

Oxygen :38.98

Bulk density: 0.4430 g/cc :

Silica (as SiO2) :61.83

Iron Oxide (as Fe2O3) :3.99

Aluminium Oxide (as Al2O3) :1.99

Calcium Oxide (as CaO) :25.64

Magnesium Oxide (as MgO) :1.88

Sodium Oxide (as Na2O) :0.65

Potassium Oxide (as K2O) :3.55

Sulphate (as SO3) :0.18

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