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Raw Cashew Nuts

We Offering  Raw Cashew Nut  in shell ( Raw Cashew Nuts ) of  Benin, Ghana, Gini Bissau, Conkary, Tanzania Origins  and Other Local Indian origins as per availability.

Raw Cashew Nut( RCN )

The Raw Cashew Nut (known as RCN, Cashew nut Shell-on, Cashew nut in a shell, or Cashew nuts) is the name of the cashew apple’s sub-nut. Although a cashew apple contains 90 % of the fruit, only 10 % is a Raw Cashew nut. A single Raw Cashew Nut has 30% cashew kernels and 70% cashew shell. Normally, 1 ton of raw cashew nuts can process 250-300 kg of the cashew kernels and 700-750 kg of the cashew shells. In the past, only the Raw Cashew nut (RCN) and Cashew Kernels are being used as commercial products in the cashew nut industry, and cashew shells are considered waste. Today, the cashew shells are used to produce CNSL (cashew nut shell liquid), a raw material used in other industries, opening up a market of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.


The Cashew Apples contain:

  • 90 % of the cashew fruit
  • 10 % is a raw Cashew nut


The Raw Cashew nuts contain:

  • 30% cashew kernels
  • 70% cashew shell

Raw Cashew Nuts Count?

The raw cashew nut count is simply the number of nuts present in 1kg of the raw cashew sample selected for the tests. It is a function of the size distribution of the cashew nut.

The standard nut count of raw cashew nuts goes thus:

  • 170 – 180, it is excellent
  • 181 – 190, it is a very good
  • 191 – 200, it is good
  • 201 – 210, it is medium or moderate
  • 211 – 220, it is low medium
  • 221 – 230, it is poor.

Count the number of raw cashew nuts you have in your 1kg sample and compare it with the above standard to know where it falls. Simple, isn’t it?

The KANCO Advantage

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